Harl the Half-Orc

They say that half-orcs are aggressive because of their orc ancestry, Harl hadn’t met any other half-orcs, but he was certain that his aggressive angry nature did not come from his mother. His father was completely human, yet he knew no tact, no kindness, he had no gentle hand. His father, Greth, was a violent and angry man, driven to drink and fits of rage. His mother, Zenka, was very much an orc, yet she was a graceful flower, kind and gentle. Harl had never met another orc either, and he supposed his mother might not be a typical one, but certainly their reputation was not completely deserved if his mother was anything to go by. What she saw in his rageful father was beyond him.

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Unwilling Barbarian [Barbarian Archetype]

Unwilling Barbarian
Barbarian Archetype
For some the path of the Barbarian is not a choice, it’s a curse that they are lucky if they can control.

Uncontrolled Rage
An Unwilling Barbarian cannot control his rage ability either to start or to end it. Preventing or Ending rage requires Will Saves with varying DCs. An unwilling barbarian never attacks allies while raged, but if they are still raging when all enemies are defeated they being to attack the nearest inanimate object until it’s destroyed and continue to do so until they exit rage.

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Miniature Light Up Campfires

My friend Jim, who is a sculptor, and I are making miniature campfires with light up flames that flicker like candle light.  Some pictures and the video of one in action are below.  Also below are links to our ebay and etsy sales.  Jim also has some other miniature work up for sale.



We’ve created a website for this endever at http://twobugbears.com

World Bound Eidolon

World Bound [1 Point Evolution]
Benefit:  When you are rendered unconscious or fall asleep your eidolon is not banished.  However the rune that links you together fades and your eidolon becomes under a NPC under the control of the GM.  It does however remain loyal to the Summoner and will protect him with it’s life.  While in this state your Eidolon can be killed and replacing him is exactly like replacing a dead familiar.  Your eidolon also is not considered an outsider during this time.

I’m a real boy [2 Point Evolution]
Prerequisites:  World Bound
Benefit: Your Eidolon is becomes a real entity bound to the material plane.  He cannot be dismissed or banished.  He looses the outsider type and heals normally.  Spells and abilities that normally target your eidolon still function unless they dismiss your eidolon.

Movie Madness: Kung Pow

Jess and I love the movie Kung Pow and we tend to quote it at random quite often.  As a result we made some Kung Pow inspired Feats, and Equipment.  Keep in mind none of this is supposed to be balance and it is really subject to your GM’s approval!


And then he killed the dog [Combat]
Requirements: None
Benefit:  Once a day you may fart, any canine creature within 5 feet must make a fortitude save DC 10 plus your level or die.

Beware of his song about big butts [Combat]
Requirements: None
Benefit:  If “Baby got back” is playing you get a +2 to attack and damage.  You cannot be the person who started the song, nor can you ask another person to play it.
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Centerfold Character Sheet Version 1

I use notebooks that consist of a bunch of US Letter sized paper folded in half when I’m gaming and I also have a small box which I carry them in.  The problem is that a standard pathfinder character sheet does not fold in half well, and frankly I’ve never been a fan of the layout for the base D&D 3-3.5 or Pathfinder character sheets.  Enter my centerfold character sheet.  It’s a work in progress but so far I’ve been using it.  It’s 10 pages long for different circumstances but you only need page 1 and 2 for a basic character sheet.

character sheet CF

Weapon Skills

Who likes spending a feat on a weapon that (with a few exceptions), is not much better than a martial one, especially when you just want it for looks (I’m looking at you katana).  Once possible solution is to treat weapon proficiencies as skills.

Weapon Skills
Essentially you are using skill points to buy the weapon proficiency feat.  Each rank reduces the non-proficiency penalty for the weapon by one.  A character cannot not devote more ranks this way than they have levels and never more than four ranks for a weapon.  A character cannot use this rule to buy other feats.

Weapons which can be used as martial weapons when wielded two handed still count as such.  Using the weapon one handed uses the modified non-proficiency penalty.

Weapons which provide a benefit for being proficient with them only provide this benefit once you are fully proficient with them.


Arcane Shield Training [Feat]

Arcane Shield Training
Prerequisites: Shield Proficiency
Benefit: When using a shield other than a tower shield you may take a swift action to decrease your channel of spell failure due to the shield by 10%.  Additionally your shield had is considered free for the purpose of casting spells, but not delivering touch spells.  However a magus spell combat ability cannot be used while they wield a shield in this manner.
Normal: Shields cause arcane spell failure.