World Bound Eidolon

World Bound [1 Point Evolution]
Benefit:  When you are rendered unconscious or fall asleep your eidolon is not banished.  However the rune that links you together fades and your eidolon becomes under a NPC under the control of the GM.  It does however remain loyal to the Summoner and will protect him with it’s life.  While in this state your Eidolon can be killed and replacing him is exactly like replacing a dead familiar.  Your eidolon also is not considered an outsider during this time.

I’m a real boy [2 Point Evolution]
Prerequisites:  World Bound
Benefit: Your Eidolon is becomes a real entity bound to the material plane.  He cannot be dismissed or banished.  He looses the outsider type and heals normally.  Spells and abilities that normally target your eidolon still function unless they dismiss your eidolon.

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