Elves of the Song

Something I’m working on for my next campaign, feel free to use it for your personal campaign.


The lives of elves are driven by what they call their song.  Each elf has their own song, it is the way they live their lives, it drives them and gives them purpose.  When they enter trance they feel their song flowing through them.  

Eversong Woods

The leaves and trees of the Eversong Woods whisper fragments of an ancient song.  The elves who dwell there venerate the song and being a bard is a highly respected profession as bard have learned to manipulate the song to create magic.  Indeed Bards are said to have originated in the Eversong.  There are a number of Elven settlements within the Eversong including the capital city of Sadir.

Ivia (Meaning Light in Elven)

The Elven Kingdom of Ivia finds it’s home in the Eversong and surrounding lands.  The capital of Ivia is Sadir, which means song in Elven.    

Sardirin (Song Touched Elves)

The song touched elves not only have their own song the song of the forest has touched them and is a part of them.  

Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 1.

Musically Trained: You are proficient with performance and one instrument.

Song Weaver: Once per day you can tap into the song to give yourself an advantage on Performance or Musical Instrument Checks.  

Song Spell: You can touch the songs of others, and can cast the Message cantrip.

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