Harl the Half-Orc

They say that half-orcs are aggressive because of their orc ancestry, Harl hadn’t met any other half-orcs, but he was certain that his aggressive angry nature did not come from his mother. His father was completely human, yet he knew no tact, no kindness, he had no gentle hand. His father, Greth, was a violent and angry man, driven to drink and fits of rage. His mother, Zenka, was very much an orc, yet she was a graceful flower, kind and gentle. Harl had never met another orc either, and he supposed his mother might not be a typical one, but certainly their reputation was not completely deserved if his mother was anything to go by. What she saw in his rageful father was beyond him.

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Kensik Blacktalon’s History

I have known fear, it had dwelt in my heart for many years, but I have conquered that fear and made it a weapon.  I will drive that blade into the heart of my enemies, make them feel the cold sweat as they know the Blacktalon has come for them, that their lives are forfeit and they will feel my horrible wrath as I rip their souls from their bodies.

-Kensik Blacktalon

Kensik was a bright eyed and inquisitive tengu, with ebony feathers and black skin.  One day when his parents and he were “finding” food they were set upon by a mob yelling about “thieves and monsters.”  His father told Kensik to run and then pulled his falchion from his back and turned to face the mob. Kensik was separated from his parents as the mob attacked and dragged them to the ground, fear winning over he ran until he was sick and then hid in a crate. Lost and frightened, he cried himself to sleep. As fortune would have it the crate was bound for the ship The Red Maiden, captained by a mountain of man called Carthage Blackpool.  A fate which would lead him to conquer his fear and become a gentleman adventurer known as a pirate.

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