Harl the Half-Orc

They say that half-orcs are aggressive because of their orc ancestry, Harl hadn’t met any other half-orcs, but he was certain that his aggressive angry nature did not come from his mother. His father was completely human, yet he knew no tact, no kindness, he had no gentle hand. His father, Greth, was a violent and angry man, driven to drink and fits of rage. His mother, Zenka, was very much an orc, yet she was a graceful flower, kind and gentle. Harl had never met another orc either, and he supposed his mother might not be a typical one, but certainly their reputation was not completely deserved if his mother was anything to go by. What she saw in his rageful father was beyond him.

Harl loved his mother and aspired to be like her, however he was touched by his father’s uncontrollable rage. He would slip into a violent bloodthirsty haze, yet in the back of his mind he knew it was wrong, knew that there were other ways. Yet he could not control himself, and the other children learned to steer clear of Harl the Horrible. His father had no problem losing his rage and most often he and his mother were the targets of his outbursts.
As he grew older Harl began to take on odd jobs, but seldom did he keep them for very long, for his tendency to lose control and break things. Eventually he just ended up working at the junkyard, because even if he broke something no one cared.
He hated leaving his mother at home with his father so frequently, but his father was essentially useless and spent more time drunk than doing anything constructive, leaving the care of his family to Harl.

One day after returning home from work Harl found Greth standing over the beaten and bloody form of his mother, if she was alive, that was only a temporary state. Harl’s one reason to restrain himself like in a crumpled pile on the living room floor, he let the rage swallow him. A violent and bloody battle ensued, but Harl was stronger and faster, despite many severe and bloody injuries his father soon lay motionless, his injuries far more severe than Zenka’s. Harl turned his rage on everything around him, only when he heard his mother’s weak voice call his name did his rage subside. He flew to her side, but knew from the blood it was probably too late. Shaking she brushed tears out of his eyes, “You are better than this Harl, you are better than your father, you’ll have to learn to control this rage so you don’t carry on his legacy.” She smiled her last smile, “Live well my son, I will always love you.” His mother passed from this world. The constables came, there were inquiries, magic that revealed the truth, in the end Harl was found innocent of wrongdoing, in what was considered to be defense of another.

Two years of passed, Harl’s anger was still ever present, but his will tempered it. It was not under control by any means, but it was better. Harl was ready to leave home however, travel into the world and maybe find a release from his rage.

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