Optional Loyalty Rules

Often in RPG’s the loyalty (or enmity) between characters and major NPC’s is overlooked.  The impact of character friendships and rivalries often falls into the realm of how players role-play with each other but have no in game effect.  The loyalty rules option can assist the GM in giving these relationships impact on the outcome of certain actions and events from a rules standpoint.  This system is meant for GM’s to track and implement with the players not knowing their scores.

Loyalty Scores
Each character starts with a base loyalty score of 0 towards each other and NPC’s.  This loyalty is effected by several factors. Note that a characters loyalty to another can be very different than that characters loyalty towards them. GM’s may also apply these rules to NPC’s that are significant to their campaign.

For each part of a characters alignment that is the same as another characters, they receive a +1 to loyalty.  For each step apart the characters are for both parts of character alignment they receive -1.  In example, a pair of Lawful Good characters  would both receive a +2 to loyalty due to the fact that are in tune as far as alignment, while a lawful good and a neutral good pair would start receive no bonus (+1 for good, -1 for the lawful / neutral difference.)  Lawful good and chaotic evil, being opposite ends of the spectrum on both sides would both have a -4 loyalty (-2 for good / evil and -2 for lawful / chaotic.)  This reflects the ease in which people of a similar outlook on life interact and the difficulties those of opposing views may face. Continue reading

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