Wandering Master’s Sake Bottle

This is a sake bottle that my cleric of Sun Wukong carries with him.

Wandering Master’s Sake Bottle

Aura faint alteration/conjuration school; CL 3rd

Slot none; Price 2,430gp; Weight  1 lbs.


This Sake bottle made from a gourd with a cork sealing the opening.  If the lid is closed and a command word is spoken the bottle fills with water, if the bottle is already filled with water and the command word is spoken the water turns to Sake as per the enhance water spell.  The bottle can turn water to Sake three times a day.  The secret to making these bottles were taught to Filsandros by his master, who asked to be buried with his.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Items, Create Water, Enhance Water; Cost 1,215 gp.


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