Efficient Arcane Focus [Feat]

We are currently play testing this feat.

Efficient Arcane Focus [General]
Arcane Focus, Able to cast 3rd level wizard spells.
You can use your bonded arcane object to cast more than one spell.  You follow the normal rules for casting a spell through your bonded object, however you have a number of spell levels per day equal to the highest level wizard spell you can cast.  Each time you use this feature you lower the spell level pool by the spell’s level (or one for zero level spells), when it reaches zero it can no longer be used in this manner.  You must have enough remaining spell levels to cast the spell.  This ability cannot be used in combination with metamagic.
You can only use your arcane object to cast one spell a day.
A wizard able to cast 3rd level spells could cast one 2nd and a 1st level spell, but then could not use it to cast a 3rd level spells that day.  Alternatively he could also cast a 3rd level spell, three 1st level spells, two 1st level one 0-level spells, or combinations there off as long as the total spell levels add up to 3.

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